Here's why hardwood flooring is for you

Here's why hardwood flooring is for you

Wood flooring is a vital floor choice for many homeowners for various reasons. If you prefer one of the most extended lifespans, it's a great option, but that's not all.

These floors offer impressive visual appeal and durability to fit any room. Here are some facts that will tell you more about the benefit of this floor covering.

A long and useful lifespan

When installed by a team of professionals, these floors can easily last more than 100 years. Then, once wear starts to show, we can refinish them to return to a like-new look.

The solid hardwood flooring benefit is that you aren't likely ever to replace these floors once they're in place. That can bring significant financial savings over time.

A visual for all decor styles

Choose a dark, rich elegance for high-end visuals that cater to many needs. Dark flooring draws in a larger room for a cozier ambiance and more.

But light colors, a current trend, can make rooms look bigger and more spacious. Light stain colors also hide dirt better than dark, making it perfect for busy spaces.

An all-natural material you'll love

Natural materials mean better wood flooring breathability wherever the product is installed. And you'll find these options are perfect for allergy sufferers.

In damp areas, consider engineered hardwood for better performance in these spaces. But, again, we'll give you all the details when you choose your products.

Consider our inventory for your remodel

James Flooring is a great place to browse a vast inventory of quality materials. We'll work to ensure your best match for materials, styles, colors, and more while you're here.

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